Loved this post as I had never thought about the colleague to colleague interaction difference between in-person work and remote work. Enjoyed the cinematic experience of making the bread and will give this recipe a try!

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Aug 4, 2022·edited Aug 4, 2022Author

Oh, Hishi! So nice to hear from you. I just minutes ago pulled a couple of loaves from the oven. They look delicious! Glad you liked the post. I'm still prepping for the beginning of the semester, but all will be in order come 29 August. The seminar is fully booked.

I saw Jake last Friday, and hoped to see Xiongxiong, but she was occupied elsewhere. Hope your year is great, as I would expect.

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A "tasty" post, so to speak! I love your writing style and the thought you put into your work. The "hump" is an interesting concept!

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