Mark this is an incredible piece. So much to think about.

The purpose of art is a difficult task. Especially compared to the sciences. You mention some great examples of its links to the sciences.

One I think about often is time. The sciences are often an immediate benefit. Art is a long game. Think about tourism in Italy or Greece. The art there drives people to come and appreciate it. It builds up a culture, an imprint on our world.

Anyways. Loved this one!

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I hugely enjoyed reading this post, Mark. That connection between studying and doing is so important for a rounded life experience. Great comparison between the Ark and the Garage Mahal - loved it!

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Allowing time to think and reflect is critical for creativity. Thanks for this piece. I will share it.

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I really enjoyed this, Mark, and am also a tad envious at your meeting at the Ark. It sounds fascinating.

We definitely have socialized ourselves to emphasize production over practice and immersion in making mistakes, in just being with the art. If you’re not “hustling” or “grinding”, well, you’re just being lazy. (Whereas it gives our minds the time it needs to percolate and coalesce ideas.)

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