Such wonderful writing, Mark. Thank you for sharing your process!

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Thank you, Rebecca. This piece of experience kept coming back, always on the wings of those few words from the Odyssey. It happens, I think, to people who fuddle around with words (like you and me) -- we capture experience in words and phrases.

You can see that I write with pen and paper, too! Keyboards later in the process.

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As a fellow fuddler, Mark, I absolutely relate! This was such a great piece, and the rosy-fingered dawn was absolutely shining bright.

Yay to pen and paper! I find such a difference when I write by hand versus typing straight onto the computer. Writing by hand slows me down, and my writing as a result is much more exploratory and more likely to go off-piste into areas and thought-corners that I hadn't known were even there to be tapped.

When I type I seem to lose several layers of my filter: the words land on the screen so quickly that I don't get the chance to explore where I might like them to go first. Until I started writing for pleasure I had considered my speed-of-light touch-typing ability to be only an advantage. Turns out it's only useful at the NEXT stage, when I'm typing up my handwritten draft! 🤣

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