Yet another vote in favor of paying more attention to what is close at hand. I concur!

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Twenty years ago I was working in a high-level job, getting great money and, after nearly two years, chest pains. I decided I could either end up being the richest man in the cemetery, or less wealthy but still alive. I opted for the latter (obv) and haven't looked back. So from my perspective you made exactly the right decision!

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“...we have become abstracts, ‘internetted’ social media caricatures of the human beings we are in real life.”

What a finish! And what thought-provoking words altogether.

I sat outside last night with my husband by our fire pit (which is less “pit” and more bald earth we gather around when it isn’t sweltering) and finally set my phone down to enjoy the last 15 minutes of our time. I commented that I felt like I’d been on my computer or mobile device all day--which I had because I work in IT, and our small business is currently booming which means phone calls and sending quotes and receiving payments.

And then my brother called. The one I never hear from. So I took the call and we talked for an hour while I sat by the fire. It was a good conversation, but if I had left my phone in the house, my brain would have that time to decompress and that it needed. Time to just think.

I’m not sure what the solution is to this “abstracted” life.

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