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Boulangerie: Beth Lilly's liminal interstates

We're playing the role of King Thamus

Boulangerie: Very large bus stop music boxes

Three sonnets on a lone majestic oak

Book review: Populuxe

Practice and product

Boulangerie: Virginia Woolf's writing desk

[Repost] Imagined, but somehow real

Simple "Horseshoe," except when slick

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A business professor and a commie provide an intriguing path to trace

Robert Moses and the car steering his will

Boulangerie: August 2023

"An unloved sweetgum is a trusty herald"

Personal vs. Personalized Education

Boulangerie: July 2023

Book review: Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time. Plus: seminar guest bios.

Barbie. My long, tortured, wonderful relationship.

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The "writer" at your side, helping ... or not

Going underground to get aboveground

Boulangerie: May 2023

Plastic model. Rusty project. Memories of parents.

Hanging out with artists in The Ark

Boulangerie: April 2023

Rosy-fingered dawn

Book review: Hold Still

I prefer Authentic Intelligence

Boulangerie: March 2023

Through our window

What's coming, April-June 2023

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Penfield's homunculus and the like

Clubs, friends, cars, memories. Changing mixtures.

Boulangerie: February 2023

[CROSS POST] Pacing Our Way Across the American West

I make a numerical mistake. Then I think about two rivers

Book review: Auto America: Car Culture 1950s-1970s, Photographs by John G. Zimmerman

Notebooking in the Garage Mahal

Boulangerie: January 2023

Out to pasture

Leaning over the hood

Pour it in a different glass

What's coming, January-March 2023